UAN Number: How to Know Your UAN Number Status Online?

UAN number

UAN Number Status

Knowing your UAN number is must. It is all about your retirement savings. This post details all the procedures, online facilities, and rules pertaining to this number. UAN is the universal account number issued to all the EPFO members. This number is unique to all the members and for the multiple PF accounts. It is a common umbrella which encompasses all the PF accounts of a single individual. Centralizing all the PF account numbers of a person was one of the major reason which boosted the introduction of the UAN. If you are not aware of this number, this is the right place for you to know everything about this facility.

UAN number is the ‘must-know’ number for all the employees who are an EPFO member. Now when all the PF related services are linked, it is not appropriate to ignore UAN. PF procedures like withdrawal, transfer, and claim application are dependent upon this number. Are you still waiting for your universal account number? We have elaborated the procedure to get your universal account number online. It is a simple online process consuming few minutes. Keeping in view the EPFO members who are not familiar with UAN, we have shared all the details about this PF facility.

UAN number status

Know UAN Number

To help all the employees who are EPFO members, we give here all the salient features of the number.

What is Universal Account Number

UAN number refers to the universal account number. It is a 12 digit number valid for lifetime. It is valid regardless of the transfer of account and change of job. It is initiated to link multiple PF accounts of a single person under one numerical identity.

How to Get UAN Number

The easiest way to get your universal account number is through your employer. Employers should inform the UAN numbers to their employees. If you still do not know it, do get it from your employer.

If you have not received this number, check UAN status at the EPFO member portal. The detailed procedure with instructions is provided at the UAN status article on our blog.

To know your universal account using your PF account number use the unified portal. The link for the same is here: https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface.

This portal will let you know your UAN status or the number if it is already issued to you. If it is already issued, you can download your UAN card after activation process.

UAN number

UAN Number Activation

Receiving number and UAN card is not sufficient. You need to activate your UAN using the UAN member portal. For a complete procedure of UAN activation, refer to our post on UAN login. You can activate your UAN by creating your login id at the dedicated member portal. Go through a simple process of online registration and your UAN will be activated after the PIN authorization. Activation is mandatory to enjoy many PF related facilities.

Benefits of Universal Account Number

If your UAN is activated, you can enjoy unlimited benefits at the UAN member portal. We have listed the major benefits of activating your UAN.

  1. Download UAN card
  2. Download EPF passbook multiple times
  3. Update your KYC details online
  4. View the listing of your previous or old PF account numbers
  5. Check EPF balance status at the UAN portal
  6. Know your EPF balance using SMS and missed call services
  7. View information related to your multiple accounts at one login

There are other attractive benefits if you link UAN with your aadhar details. Find below the aadhar enabled benefits of this number.

Aadhar Enabled Benefits of UAN

If you have linked your UAN with your aadhar, you can avail following favours.

  • Can submit PF claim without the employer’s attestation
  • You can apply for any EPFO related services online
  • No need to route your PF claims through the employer. Submit it directly to the EPFO office.

While the above facilities are already available to the activated UAN number, this is not an end. The EPFO is launching new initiatives in a bid to simplify the PF procedures. It is also offering benefits to the employers who are registering their employees for UAN. Considering the boost given to increase the UAN registrations, more benefits are likely to be linked up. Stay with us for more updates on your universal account number, EPF challan and other PF related services.

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