PPF Rules: Know Rules For Public Provident Fund Withdrawal & Interest Rate

PPF rules

Public Provident Fund Rules If you are holding a PPF account, this is the right information for you. We have shared here all the PPF rules and regulations. All the latest rules regarding withdrawal, interest, and loans are given here. The public provident fund is a powerful tax saving investment scheme. The basic maturity period is fifteen years which can be extended later. Though you must be aware of the main key features of your PPF, there are many hidden rules. We have attempted to bring all these norms to know your knowledge. iepfbalance.in also updates PPF interest rate which is currently eight percent. Any Indian citizen can open PPF bank account in the post office. Till now, the early withdrawals were not encouraged much with this scheme. However, the Finance Ministry has introduced new early withdrawal rules for Provident fund during last year. It is now possible to withdraw…


EPF Registration: Online EPF Registration For Employers at epfindia.com

EPF registration

EPF Registration Online Online EPF registration for the employers is essential to get the EPFO code. There is no offline registration now. It is made online at the epfindia.com. This post guides employers to register online. The EPFO has launched a dedicated unified Online Registration of Establishment portal known as OREL portal. Employers can apply for the allotment of the PF code at this portal. Learn how to apply for PF code and how to submit online Challan. The new process which came into effect from December 2015 requires employers to upload the digitally signed documents. The EPF registration is mandatory for the companies or firms which employ more than 20 people. This includes permanent as well contractual employees. Smaller firms with employees less than 20 can also register voluntarily if they wish. If a company’s strength is more than 20, the registration should be done within one month. The…


UAN Number: How to Know Your UAN Number Status Online?

UAN number

UAN Number Status Knowing your UAN number is must. It is all about your retirement savings. This post details all the procedures, online facilities, and rules pertaining to this number. UAN is the universal account number issued to all the EPFO members. This number is unique to all the members and for the multiple PF accounts. It is a common umbrella which encompasses all the PF accounts of a single individual. Centralizing all the PF account numbers of a person was one of the major reason which boosted the introduction of the UAN. If you are not aware of this number, this is the right place for you to know everything about this facility. UAN number is the ‘must-know’ number for all the employees who are an EPFO member. Now when all the PF related services are linked, it is not appropriate to ignore UAN. PF procedures like withdrawal, transfer,…


EPF Challan: How to Pay Provident Challan Online?

EPF Challan

EPF Challan EPF Challan is the receipt generated after the payment of your EPF taxes. This service provided by the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) of India so that savings can be made to obtain financial security during retirement period. About 12% of your basic salary along with DA (Dearness Allowance) goes into the EPF account. Recently, the government called a 8.65% rate of interest on the employee’s yearly EPF account for FY 2016-17. How to Pay EPF Challan? Before you start with the payment of your EPF Challan, first generating your Challan by uploading the data on EPF department site. First you may need a TRRN (Temporary Return Reference Number)  which may be available in the top-right side of the EPF Challan. Let’s directly move down to the procedure of payment your EPF online: Go on the official site by clicking on tin-nsdl.com which may contain the EPF page for…


Know Your EPFO Claim Status: Provident Fund Claim Status Enquiry

pf claim status

EPFO Claim Status Have you applied for PF withdrawal? Check the EPFO claim status online or offline through our portal. Know how far your PF claim is processed and what else is needed to be done. You can indeed do it without visiting the EPFO office. Complete few steps at the EPFO member portal to know the status of your PF claim. Likewise other governmental offices, EPFO has introduced online facilities for the convenience of users. EPF is a highly important retirement benefit scheme for the salaried section. At the time of leaving the company, PF amount is withdrawn by the employees. If you are not receiving your claimed PF amount, check the provident fund claim status. We have detailed all the available methods to check PF claim status. No matter with whichever EPFO office you have claimed for PF. You can track your provident fund status using the below…


Download PF Withdrawal Form: Learn How to Withdraw PF

PF Withdrawal Form

PF Withdrawal Form Know how to download PF withdrawal form online. EPFO prescribes a set of forms to get different services related to EPF. Employees and employers may need various types of PF forms. PF withdrawal form is an important form for all employees. At the time of retirement or changing job, you need to withdraw PF. The PF withdrawal requires a specific form and a procedure to follow. This post brings information on the online place to download this form. A complete procedure of withdrawing provident fund amount is also shared here. Employees can either withdraw PF or transfer the PF amount. Know the different purpose of each provident fund form. You can download Form 18, Form 13, Form C and various other EPF forms. Iepfbalance.in brings the comprehensive information on EPF claim and all online facilities of EPFO member login. Whether you are an employer or employee, you…


UAN Login: UAN Portal Login, Activation and Benefits

how to login uan portal

UAN Login Portal Most of you who are an EPFO member must be familiar with UAN login. If you are not aware of your UAN number, do get it and avail tons of useful online services. You can obtain your Universal Account Number from your employer. UAN stands for a universal account number issued to each of the EPF members. UAN number is only a single id for the EPFO member regardless of the number of PF accounts he/she is holding. It is a unique umbrella for the different member Ids. The main purpose of launching UAN is to eliminate the dependency on the employer. UAN number has also helped in identifying genuineness of the PF account and member. It can also come in handy while checking epf balance online. Probably, many of you are not aware of the UAN number and benefits it involves. This post guides you to…


PF Calculator: How to Download EPF Calculator Online?

PF calculator

PF Calculator Online The PF calculator is a tool to assess total provident fund return at the retirement age. The EPF calculation considers numerous factors. You will find many online provident fund calculators. However, due to changes in the rates of key components, you may not find the exact PF amount. This post shows you how to calculate your provident fund amount. Also, find how the contributions are calculated. And how the interest rate and dearness allowance affect the PF calculation. Learn how to calculate PF with a simple method. Also find other PF related information on our blog. iepfbalance.in carries procedures to check PF balance status and UAN status too. Every employee should keep a track of the provident fund account. How much money is contributed by the employer? How much amount is deducted from the salary? What is the percentage of the deduction on the basic salary? What…


EPF Passbook: How to Download EPF Passbook Online?

EPF Passbook download

EPF passbook is among the revolutionary changes brought by EPFO. It is a part of the initiative to make PF account information easily accessible to the employees. No need to wait for the statement to know the PF balance status. Employees can now know the details of their PF account just with a click. Find out how to download EPF passbook online. Further, employees can also get a print out of the PF passbook at any time from any place using the internet. All the requirements and process of obtaining the EPF passbook are shared here. EPFO provides facility to download passbook from the UAN portal. It has also given an option to get the same on the smartphones using the mobile app. We have already shared a procedure of checking your current PF balance status online. The EPF passbook can be downloaded multiple times after registering at the EPFO…


EPF Portal: How to Login at EPFO Member Portal?

EPF Portal

EPF Portal Online Employees Provident Fund Organization has significantly improvised its digital facilities to the members. Whether you are an employee or a pensioner or an employer, you have tons of online conveniences now. Right from checking PF balance status to online payment of PF contribution, lots of facilities are available on different EPF portals. To use these facilities, let us know every EPF portal in details. This post familiarizes you with all different websites of EPFO. Different portals are launched for UAN registered members, EPF members, and employers. Find out how to make maximum utilization of these EPFO portals for your best convenience. The websites of EPFO allow us to stay updated with our PF balance transactions. Without visiting EPF office, we can track balance status or transfer PF account. Below information includes details and links to the different EPF portal. Click the link and avail the information you…